Ernest Bloch

Ernest Bloch Society in Israel

Professor Dalia Atlas founded The Ernest Bloch Society in Israel.

The purpose of the society is to promote the public awareness to Bloch's compositions, especially to his forgotten works, which are about 80 % of his works.
The Ernest Bloch Society in Israel aims to encourage students to study Bloch's music and enhance the performance of his work by artists and orchestras. The society is working in cooperation with other organizations to organize Bloch conferences and festivals throughout the country.

2009 will commemorate 50 years to the death of this great composer.
In the seasons of 2008/9 and 2009/10 Dalia Atlas will include works by Bloch in her concerts all over the world. These will include works for orchestra, solo and orchestra, as well as his opera "Macbeth".

Prof. Dalia Atlas invited the distinguished Israeli composer Tzvi Avni, one of the society's founders, to write a new composition,named "Homage for Bloch" which is written for cello and piano.
This piece will be played during Bloch events.
A box of the rarely played works conducted by Dalia Atlas is available via:
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